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Hilton Head Summer Moving Tips

By keren | April 27, 2022

With kids off school and warm weather, summer is the perfect time for many people to move. Data shows that 15.3 million American households move each year, and approximately 60% of these people move during summer. With so many people moving during summer, moving during these peak times can be pretty stressful. The skyrocketing demand […]

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Hilton Head Bathroom Remodel Tips

By keren | March 16, 2022

Do you want to update your bathroom to the exact design and finishes you want? A beautiful and functional bathroom can be a haven to unwind. And turning your bathroom dream into reality can be exciting. A cost-effective, straightforward, and hassle-free process is imperative when remodeling a bathroom. If you’re ready to tackle your dated […]

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2022 Beaufort Yard Update Tips

By keren | February 22, 2022

Do you need your once-beautiful lawn back but don’t know where to start? Nothing makes staying outdoors exciting than a beautiful and inviting yard. And we are as sure as the sunrise that the first place you want to be—when the sun shows up and the snow melts— is out enjoying the warm weather. Luckily, […]

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Best Bluffton Weekend Renovation Projects

By keren | February 18, 2022

Have you got some free time on the weekend and looking for ways to improve your home’s look? You could try renovating your home this weekend. Here is the fact; not all home updates require a ton of time to complete. Spending a few hours over the weekend to spruce up your home could give […]

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Hilton Head Garage Clean Out Tips

By keren | February 17, 2022

Are you tired of tripping over, knocking things down, or packing your car outside—because your garage is a hot mess? Spring is rolling around, and this might be the perfect time for you to clean out your garage. We understand how getting even the motivation—albeit the actual garage clean out—is quite a task. And it […]

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Bluffton Recycling Guide

By Dumpster Diva | January 24, 2022

The Ultimate Bluffton Recycling Guide Recycling sounds as simple as picking up trash that has a renowned recycling symbol and tossing it in the can. Yet, not many people recycle successfully. Fun fact, 94% of Americans are ready to recycle, but a measly 35% of those recycle. Many things can make you not achieve your […]

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2022 Hilton Head Recycling Tips

By Dumpster Diva | December 13, 2021

Did you recycle anything in your household this past year? If not, 2022 is the year to take recycling a notch higher and create a better living environment. Recycling is the most effective way to ensure that you create less waste, and it is not something new in Hilton Head.  If you are ready to […]

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Tax Deductible Home Improvement Projects

By Dumpster Diva | November 24, 2021

Let me guess; you are right off from an extensive remodeling project.  You did a major home renovation and spent an arm and a leg, and you are wondering if you can get tax benefits. If you’ve made home improvements in the past year or plan to, it is crucial to know if you can […]

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5 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster in Hilton Head

By Dumpster Diva | October 28, 2021

Do you have a ton of stuff to eliminate and don’t know if renting a dumpster is worth it? Many events force us to look for reliable waste disposal options. For instance, you are re-roofing, cleaning out the basement and the attic, landscaping, organizing a move, remodeling, decluttering a business premise, or building a house. […]

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Preparing for Severe Weather in Hilton Head

By Dumpster Diva | September 14, 2021

Severe weather like tornadoes can be devastating, and the worst part is that it can strike when you least expect it. An extreme storm, for instance, can bring down trees, wreak havoc on your roof, flood the area, damage the power lines, sweep debris into your property and even cause fatalities. Preparing for severe weather […]

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