Hilton Head Home Projects with the Best ROI

Are you planning a home project in Hilton Head and aiming for the biggest bang for the buck? Updating your home can add value, meaning you can sell it higher than you would if it wasn’t renovated. However, remodeling a property can be costly, ranging from $17,946 to $78,388 on average. Updating the bathroom alone can cost between $3,000 to $25,000! You could spend way more depending on your project scale, cost of labor, and materials. These average estimates show that it is vital to plan your home projects to get the best return on investment. This article will cover Hilton Head home projects with the best return on investment.  

What Home Improvements Have The Best ROI?

Home improvement projects range from simple updates to intricate, complete home makeovers. Some can be easy to handle, and you can DIY, while others can be quite complex, needing professionals to handle. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to afford a home project with the best return on investment. Below are six home renovation projects that will tremendously improve the property’s value.

Exterior Upgrade

Your property’s exterior can say a lot about your home; it is the first thing everyone notices. Exterior home upgrades can offer the best return on investment, and many possible remodeling ideas exist. Landscaping could be the only missing piece for your home to impress a potential buyer. Improving your property’s front and backyard aesthetics can boost your home’s value by 77%, and you can expect a 100% return on investment.

Has the siding seen better days? Siding replacement is another project that can bring in good ROI. Consider installing new vinyl, engineered, or fiber cement siding for the best return on investment and low maintenance. Other exterior projects for best ROI include new roofing, energy-efficient windows, front and garage door replacement, or simply a fresh coat of paint. 

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation is another home project with the best return on investment, whether minor or major remodeling. Minor kitchen upgrade involves making small upgrades that make a big difference. For instance, new hardware, appliances, or finished cabinets can recoup up to 98.5% ROI. You can also consider applying fresh paint and gloss and get the best ROI. 

Major kitchen remodeling includes redoing everything from the walls to the floors and finishes. You can open your kitchen and create more space by knocking down a wall.

Bathroom Upgrade

Another project for your Hilton Head home with the best return on investment is bathroom remodeling. Like the kitchen, minor or significant bathroom remodeling can also earn substantial money on the investment. Replacing the shower head and upgrading the vanity can improve your house’s value. Furthermore, changing the lighting and applying new paint can make a difference. Minor bath renovation can bring up to 102% ROI. 

Major bath remodeling involves gutting the entire space and doing a complete overhaul. You can add space, update the cabinets, hardware, walls, and floor, and recoup 93.2% ROI.

Basement Renovation

Does your property have an underground room? Upgrading the basement also has a return on investment and can boost the worth of your property by $7k! You can transform it from a dingy place to a luxurious room by adding lighting, upgrading the floors and walls, and adding decor. 

Dumpster for Hilton Head Home Projects

Are you ready to transform your space? Pro Disposal offers containers to dispose of remodeling debris. We service the entire Hilton Head area and beyond, providing bins ranging from fifteen to thirty cubic yards. Whether you’re a real estate manager or a homeowner, we offer custom services to match your project needs. 

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