What Can Go in a Hilton Head Roll Off Dumpster?

Among the most commonly asked questions is what can go in a Hilton Head roll off dumpster? The simplest answer is not everything; you can throw nearly every garbage item in a dumpster, but some materials are prohibited. Whatever you load in a rented container can significantly affect the rental cost. So if you’re conscious of your budget, it is vital to understand the acceptable and banned items in a dumpster. This article will cover things that can go in your roll-off container.

What items can I put in a roll off dumpster?

If you’re wondering what can go in a Hilton Head roll off dumpster, we’ve got you covered. You can put various items you can toss in a dumpster, provided you don’t throw anything that could risk people’s health and the environment. Some waste types contain hazardous materials, requiring a sophisticated way to dispose of them in Hilton Head. Below are some items that are okay to put in a dumpster. 

Residential yard debris

Do you need to clean up the yard or perhaps have a landscaping job in Hilton Head? Things like storm debris or yard waste can be an eyesore, necessitating a thorough clean-up. You request a dumpster form Pro Disposal for yard clean-up purposes. You can toss in tree stumps, branches, clippings, dirt, rocks, grass, and other green waste.

If you’re doing major yard renovation, like installing a new driveway, shed, pool, or an outdoor kitchen, you can rely on a roll-off container to throw away the renovation waste. Depending on the size of the yard and the project type, you can rent a 20-yard container. 

what can go in a hilton head roll off dumpster?

Residential remodeling and construction debris

Have you ever renovated your property or handled a construction project? You know that the amount of remodeling and construction waste can be excessive. And for this reason, many contractors, construction companies, and homeowners order a dumpster for residential renovations and construction jobs. However, there are various types of construction waste; though accepted to be put in a dumpster, not everything goes into the container. So, what kind of construction garbage can you put in a roll-off dumpster?

The construction waste that can go into a dumpster includes concrete, bricks, drywall, tiles, dirt, wood, siding, asphalt, cabinetry, roof shingles, etc. Some construction or renovation waste can be dense, while others are lighter. Rent the ideal container that can hold the trash without going beyond the weight cap.

Demolition debris

Demolition waste, also classified as construction and demolition waste C&D is the kind of waste generated from home repairs, property demolitions, and renovations. You can put demolition waste resulting from house upgrades, complete home or room demos, or other structural ruins. And these specific items include bricks, masonry, roofing material, metal, glass, plaster, piping, wood, asphalt, etc.

Household junk

Do you have a home cleanout job in Hilton Head? The debris from deep cleaning can go into a roll-off container from old furniture, bookshelves, old cabinets, old flooring, and more. Get your junk dumpster and clean out any unwanted items. Whether deep cleaning the garage, attic, basement, or complete home cleanout, a roll-off dumpster is a surefire way to eliminate house junk. 

What can’t go in a Hilton Head roll-off dumpster?

Glad you asked! Prohibited junk poses a significant safety hazard to you, your employees, the container, and the environment. These items can start dumpster fires because they’re highly flammable, react with your skin or cause respiratory problems when inhaled. Waste like tires, adhesives, propane tanks, oils, fuels, hot water tanks, asbestos, car batteries, medical waste, and contaminated soil can’t go into a dumpster. 

If you’re looking for a bin in Hilton Head for whatever project size, Pro Disposal has you covered. Contact us for the correct size choice for home renovations, constructions, landscaping, and house cleanout jobs.


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