Basement Cleanup Tips

Are you tired of dealing with a crammed-up basement and needing to do a basement cleanup? It is typical for most of us to hold onto stuff; with time, these items find their way into the basement. While turning the basement space into a default storage system can be easy, cleaning it up can be quite depressing. If you’re ready to conquer basement clutter, you’re in the right place. Purging your basement is a surefire way to create an ambient space for recreational or other important features you need. You can turn the room into an extra bedroom, home theater, office, or yoga space. Whatever goals you have for your basement, one thing is a guarantee; Pro Disposal can help you remove the garbage. We tackle more than just basement junk; we eliminate garage, office, construction, yard cleaning, and other renovation projects. Keep reading if you’re ready to reclaim your basement space. 

How to organize your basement full of everything?

With all the piles of junk standing in the way, removing them can be a tedious job. Seeing piles of trash lying haphazardly can drain the little energy you have to clean it. Below are excellent cleaning and organizing ideas to help you create the basement space you deserve. 

Plan and create time for your basement cleanup. 

Streamlining your basement cleanup project starts with a plan. First, you need to create time to do a thorough basement decluttering. Junk can be demotivating, and setting your intentions is the first step to a successful basement cleanup. Consider the size of the room and the trash when planning your project. 

How long does it take to declutter and organize a basement? Depending on the junk size in the basement, the cleanout project can take a few hours to a couple of weeks. 

In the planning stage, getting your team is crucial if you plan to enlist professional junk removal services. Contact junk removers for quotes to get an estimate of basement cleanup cost. You can reach out to several service providers in your area to get offers. 

Review the amount of junk in the basement

If you rarely set feet into your basement, it probably has a ton of stuff to edit through. Move from one corner to the other, evaluating and noting the size of trash in that room. Sorting helps you know what to keep and what to trash. Additionally, estimating the garbage size that needs to go can help plan logistics and get an accurate container for the junk. For instance, junk estimates can help pick up the right dumpster size for unwanted stuff.

Conquer the junk section by section

Basement junk can be overwhelming, and the last thing you need is to overwork yourself. Create a four-boxes strategy where you have a box for donation, recycling, selling, and trash. Categorizing junk makes it easier to sort it faster and streamlines your decluttering project. Pro Disposal can help you pick up debris, donate, recycle and dispose of unwanted junk. Don’t think twice about an item you haven’t touched in more than a year—throw it in the trash, sell or donate. Discard those knick-knacks that no longer appeal to you and the old, damaged furniture, tools, and appliances.

basement cleanup tips

Re-organize your basement

Once you conquer your basement junk and the unwanted stuff is out of the way, it is time to organize and create a minimalistic breathable space. Utilize shelving, air-tight containers, dividers, and cabinets to keep your basement neat. 

Let Pro Disposal help with your basement cleanup.

Ready to tackle your basement cleanup? Pro Disposal can help you haul the junk, making everything easier on your part. We provide junk containers and recycling options for unwanted items. Contact us to review your needs and provide the best solution. 

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