Decluttering Tips Before a Move

Moving can bring excitement and stress in equal measure. Moving can be demanding and time-consuming due to work, family, or other reasons, and it can be quite a process, especially when you have a lot of things to move. While decluttering can help reduce the load, it can be quite a lot of work, yet a necessary devil before a move. You have options when disposing of unwanted items, including donating, selling, recycling, or trashing. But where do you start decluttering?  We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for an easy way to declutter before a move. Below are the best decluttering tips before a move.

Should you declutter before moving?

Let’s face it, you have work and family to focus on amid a move, and purging can seem like an impossible task. Decluttering before a move can offer a ton of benefits. Paring down your items before moving creates the room you need for the important stuff. This can alleviate the stress of moving and help you focus on valuable things you want to move.

Additionally, moving makes it easy to pack and unpack in your new place. Furthermore, fewer items make professional moving less costly. If you’re downsizing, securing an apartment or a house that fits you can be easy when you have less stuff.

Decluttering tips before a move

Plan ahead

A successful home cleanout and junk removal project start with a plan. And depending on your current house’s size, you want to start decluttering early to avoid last minute rush. Consider decluttering at least several weeks or months before your moving day. This gives you ample time to sort out every item and decide its next destination. 

What to do with the home junk? Having a strategy to sort your items can make it hassle-free to declutter. Get at least four containers and label them for sorting purposes. You’ll need a container for stuff to keep and another for donations, selling, recycling, and trashing purposes. 

You can put all items you want to store in the container labeled keep. This includes valuable items that moved out of the storage. The items you plan to give out go to the donation container; these are useful things you don’t need. The container labeled sell is for stuff that you can sell. Any recyclable item should go into the recycling section, and trash should head into the dumpster. 

decluttering tips before a move

Divide and conquer

Once you create a decluttering plan, you can divide your space into manageable sections to clean up. Remember, keeping your motivation in check is essential to avoid postponing the job. Working on one area at a time can help you achieve your goals faster and boost productivity. The best way to divide and conquer is to declutter room-by-room. You can start with the less trafficked spaces like the storage and attic, then move to bedrooms, closets and bathrooms, garage, and basement. Wind up with the kitchen and the living room. 

Enlist help from friends and family.

Having more people to help you deep clean and remove junk can make the process much easier. If your kids are of age and can help declutter, you can create manageable projects for them to handle. You can request help from your friends or family—if you can find someone with experience moving, the better.

Don’t forget to hire a professional hauler for the junk. Pro Disposal can provide the junk dumpster regardless of the size of your home. Set your rental time and keep the container for as long as you need. Same-day dumpsters can be an option, too.

Whatever your junk disposal needs are, Pro Disposal has got your back. Contact us today to get a dumpster rental before or after your move!

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