Hilton Head Guide to Dumpster Sizes

Need a dumpster in Hilton Head? Choosing the right roll-off dumpster size is one of the most crucial parts of the dumpster rental process. Whether you’re scheduling a dumpster for disposing of junk or construction projects, the right size makes the whole job less stressful. If you don’t focus on the size, you might get and pay for units you don’t need. Sometimes, you might get a much smaller container than you need for the job. It doesn’t make sense for the cents to pay the full cost for a half-filled dumpster.  Thankfully, Pro Disposal provides an expert guide to dumpster sizes to help you rent the right unit. We’re always available to answer questions and carefully evaluate your job to get a suitable dumpster size for you.

Guide to Dumpster Sizes: The Details

What are standard dumpster sizes?

There are many options when renting roll-off dumpsters because there is no one-size-fits-all for all projects. Some of our customers need dumpsters for home remodeling, others need one for construction sites, and you’re probably looking for a junk dumpster. These are projects that require different dumpster sizes. 

One thing to note is that the size determines the cost, so you must do your little homework before signing up for a dumpster rental. Pro Disposal provides bins for small, medium, and large waste removal projects.

15-cubic yard dumpster

Are you stuck with a large demolition project in Hilton Head but lack the space to place a full-size dumpster? A 15-cubic yard dumpster can tackle such jobs effortlessly. This is the roll-off dumpster size fit for single room upgrades, large home cleanouts, deck removal, and construction garbage. 

Measuring 16’×7’6″ ×3’6″, this unit size can hold up to a whopping six pickup truck loads of trash. It is also best for dense demolition debris, dirt, stones, and other heavy junk. This is the best shot for residential and commercial projects if you have a yard to spruce up or a kitchen to tear apart.

guide to dumpster sizes

20-cubic yard dumpster

Are you tackling a larger home upgrade or clean out? If you need a dumpster that’s perfect for various home cleanout purposes or small construction sites, the 20-cubic yard roll-off is it. You can remove up to twenty cubic yards of household junk or construction debris.

Have you got about 1,500 square feet of roofing waste to dump? This roll-off size is also for large flooring, carpet, roofing, and deck removal. 

30-cubic yard dumpster

A large container is indispensable when doing major home renovations, new construction, or decluttering a large family home. The 30-cubic yard dumpster measures 6′ high and is the right size for most major remodeling, demolitions, and constructions.

With tons of space in this dumpster for you to fill, you can downsize, remodel, demolish structures or build stress-free. It can hold bulkier home and office junk, kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and drywall materials.

How do I choose a dumpster size?

Choosing a dumpster size can be easy when you know the things to consider. The right size can minimize costs and get the debris out swiftly. And luckily, choosing a dumpster size for your endeavor isn’t complicated. Here are some of the things to remember when choosing a dumpster size.

Debris type and weight

Home and construction waste vary in type and weight, making it a factor to consider when choosing a dumpster size. Some junk can be super dense and need an accurate dumpster size to avoid exceeding the weight limit. Also, dumpsters may not accommodate toxic garbage, so it is important to check the types of acceptable debris from your hauler.

Placement area

Another crucial thing to remember when selecting the size is the drop-off space on your premises. Pick a dumpster that’ll fit your property and create room to maneuver it around. You’ll need more space if you intend to load the debris through the rear door. 

Have a full grasp on our guide to dumpster sizes and ready to rent a dumpster? Pro Disposal experts are here to help.


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