Hilton Head Summer Moving Tips

With kids off school and warm weather, summer is the perfect time for many people to move. Data shows that 15.3 million American households move each year, and approximately 60% of these people move during summer. With so many people moving during summer, moving during these peak times can be pretty stressful. The skyrocketing demand for moving services can make it a hassle to get hold of movers, albeit at a high cost. Below are Hilton Head summer moving tips to help you survive the moving process and settle in your new residence stress-free.

Best Hilton Head summer moving tips to survive your transition into a new place.

Set an ideal moving day

Since summer is a busy season for movers, it is vital to set a moving day that is less busy.

Ideally, avoid weekends, holidays, and the last days of the month.

Furthermore, avoid moving on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July.

It can be pretty tedious to get movers or truck rentals to facilitate a move during such times in summer.

And traffic congestion can worsen everything, creating a crimp in your plans.

Consider setting your moving day on a weekday.

Lock in your mover ahead of time

Once you set the date to move, it is time to book your professional movers because people can book them out early.

You might not need to worry about movers and the high costs of using moving services if you plan to tackle a DIY move.

Summer is the busiest time for movers, and it is crucial to book your mover ahead of time.

Start looking for moving services at least a month before the moving day to get the best rates for moving services.

Hiring professional movers can guarantee efficient services and protect your belongings during the transition. 

And with the best team helping you move, you’ll have fewer things to worry about.

Hilton Head summer moving tips

Declutter and pack your belongings carefully.

Packing your household stuff can be the most challenging part of the process because of the excess things in your house.

Moving houses doesn’t mean you have to move everything as it is to your new place. Often, you don’t need some of the knick-knacks, and the best way is to toss them away.

Start eliminating clutter as soon as you know you are moving to stay on top of your Hilton Head summer moving.

Pro Disposals is here If you’re wondering about what to do with the junk after purging your stuff.

We provide trash pick-up service to help Hilton Head residents discard junk efficiently.

Simplify the decluttering process, get rid of junk, and make the entire moving process easy.

Packing your belongings to move during the summer needs extra care because the heat can damage your perishable stuff and electronics.

Additionally, remember to pack the essential box to help you survive the moving day.

Find someone to help babysit your kids and pets.

If you have kids and pets and plan to move, it can be a whole new stress level.

You’ve got to clean up, pack, and coordinate logistics while caring for your kids and pets.

Consider requesting a family member to help with the kids or hire a sitter so that you can focus on decluttering and packing.

If your children are old enough to help around, you can create and delegate some kid-friendly duties for them to handle.

For instance, they can pack their little belongings like toys and help declutter their rooms.

Plenty of water and sunscreen

Importantly, keep your water bottle close and apply lots of sunscreens.

You will be up and about, and you know that the hot summer weather can be unforgiving.

Staying hydrated is crucial, especially if you’re lifting and moving items up and down the stairs and loading them into the truck.

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