Hilton Head Bathroom Remodel Tips

Do you want to update your bathroom to the exact design and finishes you want? A beautiful and functional bathroom can be a haven to unwind. And turning your bathroom dream into reality can be exciting. A cost-effective, straightforward, and hassle-free process is imperative when remodeling a bathroom. If you’re ready to tackle your dated bathroom, we have the Hilton Head bathroom remodel tips for you.

What should you consider before updating your bathroom?

  • Time

When planning a bathroom remodel, the first thing you should consider is time. The restroom is one of the most vital home facilities, and you should know the time it takes to function again. 

Typically, it can take a day, several days, or even a month to remodel a bathroom, depending on the project scale. It might take more time if you’re demolishing and rebuilding the bathroom from scratch.

And it can be faster if you have a contractor on board.

Additionally, material sourcing can also affect the renovation time. If materials shipping takes a while to arrive, your project will likely take more time to finish.

  • Contractors

Chances are, you will hire a contractor even if you are doing a DIY renovation—You might not need a contractor if you plan to do a quick cosmetic update. A strip-to-the-studs bathroom remodeling, for instance, means that you will need to contract a hauler to remove the bathroom debris.

Hire professional licensed contractors to avoid bathroom remodeling pitfalls.

  • Design functionality, fixtures, and style

Another vital thing to consider when remodeling a bathroom is the bathroom design functionality, fixtures, and style.

Don’t compromise bathroom functionality for aesthetic looks. Consider bathroom fixtures, color style, storage, and blend overall finishes.

Lighting, ventilation, and plumbing, for instance, are crucial in every home bath. Ensure that your bath design accommodates all the essential fixtures and luxury finishes.

Hilton Head Bathroom Remodel Tips.

Home remodeling budget is crucial.

Home Advisor averages the bathroom remodeling cost at $10k, and it can be more expensive depending on your city. Luxury bathrooms can cost upwards of $50k, and much of bathroom remodel costs goes to labor and material costs.

Before you select the tile fitting and other amenities for your new bathroom, it is crucial to create a budget for your project.

Plan your bathroom renovation budget by estimating the materials and the job scale.

Consider the essential bathroom updates and the materials to create a realistic budget.

Hilton Head bathroom remodel tips

Get an idea of your dream bathroom.

There are endless possibilities for choosing bathroom designs that fit your style and home. 

Whether you want to keep the original structural design or install a new one, it is crucial to research and understand your options.

The best place to get bathroom ideas is to consult a professional contractor.

You can install a standard bathroom or restructure your half bath into a luxury bathroom you desire.

Additionally, consider if you need to include storage spaces in your bathroom. 

Importantly, pick a bathroom remodeling idea that you can execute if you’re a DIY-er.

Hire your team and get your tools

Hire your pro team and get the tools once you’ve got your perfect bathroom remodeling idea and plan.

You will most likely need to get professionals for intricate bathroom details—wiring and plumbing for complete bathroom rebuilds. 

And apart from your typical home improvement tools, you will need a receptacle to discard the bathroom debris.

And that is where Pro Disposals come in! 

Save Hilton Head bathroom remodel costs with DIY

Some bathroom updates are a quick fix, and you can cut costs by doing the job. For instance, you can change the faucet, update the bathroom backsplash, remove and replace the toilet, paint the walls and update the grout.

Ready to get your Hilton Head bathroom remodel on? Contact Pro Disposal to get a dumpster rental delivered right to your door and get started this weekend!


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