2022 Beaufort Yard Update Tips

Do you need your once-beautiful lawn back but don’t know where to start? Nothing makes staying outdoors exciting than a beautiful and inviting yard. And we are as sure as the sunrise that the first place you want to be—when the sun shows up and the snow melts— is out enjoying the warm weather. Luckily, you don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars to update your yard in Beaufort.  Get your hand shears, pruning tools, a rake, and dumpster ready, and follow this guide for beautiful Beaufort yard update tips. 

Trim the bushes and remove yard debris

The first thing to tackle in the yard is the overgrown bushes and tree branches. Handling dense tree branches and bushes can be a ton of work, and it is crucial to get the right tools—razor-sharp— like pruning shears and clippers to make it easy to remove those branches.

Trimming the overgrown bushes gives your home a nice look and helps keep away pests and curb invasions.

Also, it is an excellent way to keep your trees and garden flowers healthy.

Be sure to pick up the debris after clipping. 

Pro Disposal’s residential dumpster is ideal in keeping those green waste.

Sharpen the lawn edges and trim the grass

Once your trees and flowers are lovely and looking great, you can focus on the lawn edges and the grass. Chances are, they are overgrown to the point you can’t see the pathways.

Give your lawn a facelift by trimming, raking, and tidying up your grass. 

Ideally, you want to trim your grass when they are about two to three inches tall.

Rake and pick up the leaves, so your grass gives that lush-green look.

The next thing is to sharpen the lawn edges.

Whether you’re using manual shears or an electric trimmer, clean edges can dramatically boost your property’s curb appeal.

Remember to seed and fix the bare patches on the yard.

Beaufort yard update tips

DIY a pathway

Another best way to give your Beaufort yard an update is to create a visible and beautiful pathway.

Many yard pathway ideas can fit your yard, giving it a nice look.

Also, you can install a pathway using readily available materials like wood, gravel, pavers, concrete, stones, etc.

Walkways are easy to install, and you can do it on the weekend.

Pathways are ideal for preventing people from trespassing into your yard and damaging your grass.

Again, you can dump all the waste in a trash container like a roll-off dumpster.

Eliminate weeds and add mulch

Once you tidy up the yard, removing the weeds and adding mulch is good, giving your plants an excellent environment to grow.

Do you still have the grass clippings, wood, leaves, and barks? These types of yard waste make excellent mulch for your garden.

Consider organic mulch to help curb weeds, and add valuable nutrients to the soil. Additionally, organic mulch helps. 

Watch out for weeds and remove them early.

Designate a dining and entertainment zone

Your yard is inviting, and what better way to enjoy it than dine and have fun outside?

Consider creating an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace. Also, a portable outdoor bar comes in handy when spending quality time in the yard.

You can install a shade in the yard to bring all the fun outside. And if you have little ones, you can create a kids’ area. Features like a treehouse, swing set, hammock, and jungle gyms provide kid-friendly fun activities.

Importantly, you can create a wood deck or a concrete patio to boost your house’s curb appeal.

Updating your yard doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, and a simple clipping and tidying up could do the magic.

Best Beaufort Yard Update Tips

Now that you’ve read our best Beaufort yard update tips, be sure to rent a dumpster from Pro Disposal to get rid of all the green waste and yard clippings, and even concrete and other hardscape debris. Contact us for more information or rent a dumpster online now.

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