Best Bluffton Weekend Renovation Projects

Have you got some free time on the weekend and looking for ways to improve your home’s look? You could try renovating your home this weekend. Here is the fact; not all home updates require a ton of time to complete. Spending a few hours over the weekend to spruce up your home could give you the new home look you’re craving. And luckily, we’ve put together a few weekend home renovation projects that will transform your home.

What are the easiest home renovations?

These easy home remodeling projects can make your home function better, and some can boost its value.

Also, tackling minor home updates is an excellent way to fix and repair broken and outdated fixtures.

Notably, some of these weekend renovations don’t cost much. 

Fill the cracks on the driveway.

Is your driveway full of cracks? The driveway is the first focal point that creates an impression of your home—and often, it can drive a buyer’s decision when you’re looking to sell the property.

Furthermore, it is the pathway to your garage, and you want to park your vehicle in a sturdy place.

All these are reasons to maintain your driveway in excellent condition.

If there are any cracks, you can fix them on the weekend. These tiny cracks can collect water that seeps underground, creating huge gaps in the driveway.

Fix the entry door

Another weekend renovation project that you can do is fixing and sprucing up the front door.

This is the main entrance to your home, which means that wear and tear can take a toll on it.

You can consider updating the door or applying a new coat of paint.

Furthermore, new and bold colors on the front door can improve your curb appeal. 

Also, you can change the door’s hardware.

Bluffton weekend renovation projects

Install a kitchen backsplash and repair the hardware

Consider making slight changes— like changing the backsplash— in your kitchen this weekend.

Sometimes, a mini kitchen makeover is all you need to transform your kitchen’s look and feel.

Fix those broken cabinet doors and organize the shelves. 

Consider adding a new tile backsplash—it is easy and inexpensive. Another thing is to change or install a kitchen faucet.

Fix the bathroom

The bathroom is another perfect room to update on the weekend in your home. A mini bathroom remodeling can be updating the toilet seats, applying an accent color, fixing the hardware, or re-grouting the bathtub tiles.

Furthermore, you can change the vanity tops and install an elegant granite vanity top.

Deep cleaning your bathroom is also an easy renovation you can do on the weekend.

Build a fire pit

Are you feeling adventurous and want to spend more nighttime outside? Consider building your ideal fire pit.

You can find endless fire pit ideas on the internet—like these on The Spruce— that you can DIY.

Create a patio

A patio makes a great outdoor entertainment space. If you don’t have a patio, you can consider installing one using the materials of your choice.

For instance, you can install a patio using pavers, flagstones, or bricks.

You can customize it to include seating or a dining section.

The exciting part is that installing a patio can add value and recoup 80% ROI!

Install garage shelves and cabinets

Let’s be honest; the garage is the “take it all” space in our homes. And this means that organization in your garage is imperative.

Consider building shelves and installing cabinets in the garage to keep things in order.

While at it, you might need to consider finishing the floors or adding a coat of paint to its walls.

Are you ready to complete a weekend renovation? Pro Disposal is here to ensure that you eliminate the renovation trash efficiently.


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