Hilton Head Garage Clean Out Tips

Are you tired of tripping over, knocking things down, or packing your car outside—because your garage is a hot mess? Spring is rolling around, and this might be the perfect time for you to clean out your garage. We understand how getting even the motivation—albeit the actual garage clean out—is quite a task. And it is not only you; 54% of Americans feel the overwhelming weight clutter. Below are our Hilton Head garage clean out tips to help you get back your garage space for the intended purpose of parking your vehicle!

Our Best Hilton Head Garage Clean Out Tips

Eliminate clutter and get into every nook and cranny

Can’t you stand the chaos in your Hilton Head garage? The first stage is to pick up all the knickknacks on the floor and take everything out.

You need to clear a space to design a new and better way to organize your garage.

Also, eliminating everything from the garage gives you an accurate way to estimate the available space.

The driveway is the best place to put all the items in your garage.

Cleaning out while items are inside might sound convenient, but honestly, you might end up not eliminating things that need to go.

Go through every nook and cranny, ensuring that every item goes outside.

Hilton Head garage clean out tips

Clean your garage walls, surfaces, and the floor

Here is where the cleaning supplies and water come in handy. Once all the clutter is outside, give the garage walls, surfaces, and the floor a good scrubbing.

Sweep and vacuum to eliminate those pesky cobwebs.

Remove the molds on the wall, tough stains, disinfect the surfaces and don’t leave any stone unturned.

The garage cleaning process can be pretty taxing, but the outcome is worth it.

Sort out your items

Once your garage looks like a plain canvas, it is time to work on the stuff outside.

Sorting your items will be quite a process, and you need to sort everything carefully. 

At this stage, you need easy access to containers, trash bags, or boxes to help you sort things out seamlessly.

You will never go wrong with a junk dumpster from Pro Disposals. Keep things realistic here, and be ruthless when purging.

Your items should fit either in these options—you can label the containers accordingly for ease of work;

  • Keep

You will want to keep valuable and needed items in the “keep” container. Make sure that these items are necessary. Most likely, they should be stuff you use frequently.

  • Donate

The items you rarely use or gently use should go into the “donate” container. You can consider giving this stuff to your friends, neighbors, organizations like Goodwill, or local communities that need donations. 

  • Sell

Consider selling any valuable item that you rarely use. What a fun way to make money while cleaning out the garage!

  • Recycle/dump

Check if there’s any recyclable junk within the trash and set them aside for recycling. It’s crucial to consider a sustainable—like recycling— way of dumping the garbage.

Use the best garage organization options.

Once your garage gets all the fresh air it could, it is time to put it back together. But this time, you need better organization strategies. Some of the best options to help you organize your garage include;

  • Storage containers

Store your items in transparent and quality containers for easy access. You can label each container for easy identification.

  • Shelves

Shelves are the best when it comes to organizing a garage. The thumb rule is to keep things off the floor, and the shelves come in handy. You can mount your garage shelves on the wall or the ceiling.

  • Cabinets

Another crucial storage component to consider in a garage is the cabinets. Install—if you don’t have them—or fix the garage cabinets to keep your items safe.

  • Hooks

A pegboard with hooks is all you need to keep that stuff you can hook off the floor.

  • Workbench

Install a workbench that you can use when completing a project in the garage.

  • Drop zones

Importantly, designate a drop zone to keep dirt and grime away.

Let Pro Disposal Help You With Your Hilton Head Garage Clean Out

Once you’ve taken all the steps to get your garage in top shape, you’ll want a partner in your Hilton Head garage clean out to get rid of all the junk and debris. That’s where Pro Disposal comes in. We specialize in roll off dumpster rentals for Hilton Head residents and businesses to help get rid of waste and junk efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us to learn more or book a dumpster online today.

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