Bluffton Recycling Guide

The Ultimate Bluffton Recycling Guide

Recycling sounds as simple as picking up trash that has a renowned recycling symbol and tossing it in the can. Yet, not many people recycle successfully. Fun fact, 94% of Americans are ready to recycle, but a measly 35% of those recycle. Many things can make you not achieve your recycling goals. For instance, you might not be aware of the items you can recycle. Perhaps you don’t have the recycling knowledge or know the facility to take your recyclables. Luckily we are here to share accurate information on recycling in Bluffton. First, let’s start with the Bluffton recycling rules.

Bluffton recycling guide

What to recycle in Bluffton?

Whether it’s home trash, office junk, store, or construction debris, there are a lot of Bluffton recyling options. And by recycling, you could save the landfills and the environment from toxic substances. Additionally, recycling contributes to preserving virgin resources like forests, water, metals, and other natural resources. If recycling sounds complicated, remember the basics like cardboards, jars, paper, plastics, cans, bottles, etc. You can recycle several items, including:

  • Plastics

From plastic cups, plates to containers, there are many products made from plastic. Most plastic garbage is recyclable depending on the number of resins it contains. You can recycle plastic bottles, cups, jars, and gallons. Also, you can recycle plastic bags but only at the local grocery stores. Don’t use a plastic bag to pack your recyclable plastics. The biggest reason is it gets in the conveyor belt and damages it. And, this can be a nightmare to any recycling facility. Compostable and bio-based plastics are non-recyclable.

  • Cardboard and paper

Cardboard boxes and paper are some of the best recyclable materials. But there is a catch. Your cardboards and papers should be clean and dry. You can recycle cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, clean and dry pizza boxes. When recycling papers, you can recycle magazines, newspapers, mails, etc.

  • Metals

Metals are other materials that you can recycle in Bluffton. Consider aluminum containers, trays, foil, and clean steel cans recyclable.

  • Glass

Products made from class are part of our daily lives. And luckily you can also recycle this material. You can recycle food storage containers, bottles, and jars made from glass.

Recyclable construction trash.

Now you understand the basic recyclable material that you can find in your trash. But you also need to learn about other recyclable garbage. Understanding recyclable C&D is crucial for when you have a similar project. Among the things you can recycle in C&D waste include:

  • Cardboards
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Wood

We use best-in-class technology to recycle garbage here at Pro Disposal. Our facility accepts small and large-scale recyclable material without a hassle.

Preparation tips for Bluffton recycling.

Any successful recycling endeavor must follow the guidelines and prepare the recyclables for recycling. You should clean and remove any residue in your recyclable jars, containers, and bottles before discarding them in the bin. Also, ensure that you crush and cut down large recyclable cardboards. Additionally, your recyclable papers should be dry. Put the plastic bottles with their lids on inside the recycling bin. And on the other hand, remove the caps from glass and metal containers. Furthermore, cover your recyclable construction debris, so it doesn’t get wet from rains Contact your recycler and get a guide on whether you need to sort the recyclable debris ahead of time.

Where can I drop off recycling waste in Bluffton?

Pro Disposal is your best recycling facility in Bluffton. We are committed to diverting as much debris using state-of-the-art recycling technology. Additionally, we meet/exceed the local and federal recycling provisions. Get in touch with Pro Disposal today.


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