2022 Hilton Head Recycling Tips

Did you recycle anything in your household this past year? If not, 2022 is the year to take recycling a notch higher and create a better living environment. Recycling is the most effective way to ensure that you create less waste, and it is not something new in Hilton Head.  If you are ready to make recycling a part of your lifestyle, here are the best 2022 Hilton Head recycling tips.

What are the recycling benefits in Hilton Head?

One of the benefits of residential and commercial recycling is that it reduces the pressure of waste in landfills. If you recycle more garbage, you help divert and minimize the junk in the disposal sites.

Recycling also helps protect and conserve natural resources from exploitation. 

Another thing is that recycling cuts the cost of producing goods which ultimately makes these products less expensive.

Also, recycling protects the environment from the detrimental impacts of waste. For instance, there will be no trash sent to the landfills when you recycle, which means fewer greenhouse gases.

Overall, recycling benefits the economy, the environment, and you.

2022 Hilton Head recycling tips

Get a recycling bin.

The most crucial recycling tip is to get a recycling bin first if you want to recycle effectively. It will be easy to pick up recyclable trash in the house and toss it in the recycling bin.

Make sure to put your recycling bin in strategic places like the kitchen, the leading source of garbage in the house.

When you take out the recyclables, be sure to transfer them to the municipal recycling container on the curbside.

Understand what and what not to recycle

If you think you know what not to recycle, you need to recheck it. 

Often, the things you think you can recycle are likely not recyclable.

For instance, you know that you can recycle plastic waste but do you know that it is impossible to recycle black plastic?

Typically you can discard the following items in your recycling bin.

  • Plastics.

Identify a recyclable plastic by using the numbers on the bottom of the plastic container. 

These numbers indicate the resins used to manufacture the plastic item. 

You can confirm with your local recycling program to understand the type of plastic they recycle.

  • Paper/cardboard

Recycle pizza boxes, magazines, newspapers, mail, cereal boxes, and cardboard.

  • Glass

You can recycle beverage, food, and beverage glasses. 

Confirm with your local recycling program to know the glass colors you can reclaim.

  • Aluminum

Put aluminum cans and foils in the recycling bin. 

Also, check if you need to crush aluminum waste before disposing it in the recycling bin.

  • Metals

You can also recycle non-ferrous metals like iron and steel.

2022 Hilton Head recycling tips

Take time to prepare your recyclable trash.

Don’t just toss a recyclable material into the recycling bin right away. Ensure to clean, dry, and flatten your recyclable trash.

Remove grease and food residue from recyclables like pizza boxes. Also, flattened cardboards are ready for recycling.

Another thing is to empty your recyclable food and beverage containers before putting them in the recycling cart.

Don’t bag recycling waste.

The biggest mistake you can make with recycling is to bag your recyclable material. 

Bagged recyclables are a direct ticket to the landfills because they damage the MRF recycling equipment.

Ensure that you remove the trash bag when transferring your recyclable garbage to the municipal recycling cart.

Show support in recycling.

Another vital recycling tip is to show support by encouraging the community members to embrace recycling.

You can donate and place recycling bins in public places like parking lots and parks where people can access them easily.

Additionally, you can start a recycling club where you can teach others about the benefits of recycling.


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