Preparing for Severe Weather in Hilton Head

Severe weather like tornadoes can be devastating, and the worst part is that it can strike when you least expect it. An extreme storm, for instance, can bring down trees, wreak havoc on your roof, flood the area, damage the power lines, sweep debris into your property and even cause fatalities. Preparing for severe weather in Hilton Head requires putting mitigation measures in place. Prepare yourself and your family for any harsh weather and storms. Below are the steps you can take to be ready for severe weather. 

Clear out potential hazards

You live here in Hilton Head, and you probably know the months that experience bad weather here like the palm of your hands. Eliminate any potential hazards ahead of time before the storm hits. 

Some things that can put your life and property at risk include overhanging tree branches, trees near your house, and objects that can’t withstand strong winds.

Trim any overhanging tree branches and eliminate trees near your house. Also, ensure that you secure lightweight items that are outside your property. These include outdoor furniture and garbage bins.

Heavy winds can blow away such items, and they can hit your house, causing severe damage.

Find a shelter for your vehicle instead of parking it under a tree. The best place to keep your car is the garage, so it is best to clean up your garage ahead of time to create space.

If you don’t have a garage, you can pick a clear spot to park your car. Big trees can fall, or loose branches break up under severe storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Also, remember to fasten your house windows to ensure that they can withstand any severe weather. You install storm shutters and use plywood boards to reinforce your windows.

Be on the alert for severe weather in Hilton Head.

Another action to take in preparation for severe weather in Hilton Head is to subscribe to weather alerts and be in the know. Luckily, there are several ways to receive timely weather alerts so you can take swift action. These weather alerts include using NOAA Weather Radio, Emergency Alert Systems, and Wireless Emergency Alerts. 

Timely weather alerts are vital because they tell you when, where, and how a storm will hit.

Also, ensure that you tune to local news and have your radio stand by for weather updates and warnings.

preparing for severe weather in hilton head 

Create an emergency plan

An emergency plan is vital when you are preparing for a severe storm in Hilton Head. Stock enough food, clean water, and medical supplies to last several days when the disaster hits. Ensure that you check the food and medicine expiration dates—the last thing you need in the middle of severe weather is stale food and expired medicine.

Also, ensure to pack blankets and warm clothes for everyone in your household. 

Make shelter plans for your household and an exit route in case you need to evacuate. Ensure that you plan on how to help a person with disabilities or anyone that needs special care. 

Create a first aid kit, and you can also take CPR classes ahead of time—it can be life-saving.

Another thing is to ensure that you have functioning flashlights and enough batteries. Severe weather can damage the power lines hence cut off the power connection and leave your area pitch black in the darkness.

A whistle to alert other people and call for help should also be part of your emergency plan.

Service and fuel your car for any emergency during severe weather.

Be weather-ready with a dumpster rental in Hilton Head.

Being weather-ready is crucial, and you need the right team to help you put things in order ASAP. Pro Disposal can help you with the removal of the debris before and after a disaster when you rent a dumpster through us. 

Preparing for severe weather in Hilton Head has never been easier. Need to discard the yard debris before a storm hits? We can help. Need to clean up garbage after a disaster? No problem! Give us a call.

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