Best Kitchen Updates for Hilton Head Rental Properties

Are you looking for excellent ways to attract tenants to your Hilton Head rental properties? One of the ideal ways to ace the rental market is to master the art of attracting and keeping great tenants. And that means frequently updating your rental property so that it is functional and attractive to potential renters. Improving your rental properties will attract clients and boost the value, hence more ROI for you. Here is the thing, renters go with the trending styles and decor, and that is why you should improve your rental property at least every five years, according to RPM Landmark. The kitchen is one of the selling features that can make or break your rental business. And if you are looking to improve this area on your rental properties, below are the best kitchen updates for Hilton Head rental properties that you should focus on. 

Top 6 Best Kitchen Updates for Hilton Head Rental Properties

1. Update the kitchen cabinets 

One way to add a unique selling point to your rental property is to give the kitchen cabinets a facelift or a complete makeover. Poor quality or old kitchen cabinets are a pet peeve. So, if your kitchen cabinets have extensive dents, are infested with pests, or have molds, the best way is to replace them with new kitchen cabinets.

You can opt for durable cabinet materials like hardwood and plywood and aim to strike a balance between durability and beautiful finishes. 

If your kitchen cabinets are in perfect condition, you can give them a facelift with new paints. 

2. Add a mobile or built-in kitchen island.

Another kitchen upgrade you can do for a rental property in Hilton Head is to install a built-in kitchen island or a mobile one. Kitchen islands provide more storage space and prepping area. In addition, you can give your tenants an extra room for cookware or foodstuff. 

If a built-in kitchen island is not an option, you can look into mobile kitchen islands, which are versatile. And they offer the same or more features as the traditional kitchen island.

3. Renovate the floors

Another way to make a rental kitchen more attractive is to boost the flooring aesthetics. Unfortunately, it is easy for kitchen floors to get scratches and damages from water spills. 

Transform your rental property’s kitchen by tearing up the old floors and installing new ones to match the kitchen’s overall aesthetics. For example, you can install wood-like kitchen floors, which are durable, water-resistant, and give wood-like finishes. 

kitchen updates for Hilton Head rental properties

4. Improve the countertops

The kitchen countertops are one the busiest areas in a kitchen and are susceptible to wear and tear. Consider upgrading your kitchen countertops with durable and easy-to-clean countertops. In addition, you can consider installing luxurious countertops like marble, granite, concrete, or even quartz.  

Remember that quality kitchen finishes can be a reason you can adjust the rental prices for your rental property in Hilton Head. 

5. Install new appliances

Kitchen appliances for a rental kitchen wear and tear fast. And this means that you need to ensure that your rental property has functional and quality kitchen appliances. 

According to Green Residential, tenants prefer rental homes with appliances to going through the stress of moving in theirs. So if you want your rental houses to stand out in the market, you can add new kitchen appliances.  

Consider kitchen gadgets like a dishwasher, microwave, dryer, stove, and refrigerator.

Remember, kitchen appliances with an excellent energy star rating are a perfect option for rental properties. 

6. Update the kitchen fixtures

Hear me out; no tenant is willing to move into a rental with a leaky faucet or poor kitchen lighting. So upgrade the kitchen faucet and fix the kitchen plumbing if there is any damage. Also, showcase the beautiful kitchen by installing a new and quality lighting system. 

Best kitchen updates for investment rentals.

One of the ideal ways to keep your rental properties full is to do regular maintenance. And if you are ready tackle some kitchen updates in Hilton Head, contact Pro Disposal to haul the refuse. 


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