Preparing for Hurricane Season

Preparing for Hurricane Season

If there is something that we have no control of is mother nature. And when it strikes, it comes in full force. A hurricane is no exception, and even a mild one can create a lot of anxiety. The good news is you can survive a hurricane season by preparing yourself and having a sound strategy ahead of time. 

Below are the best pointers to help you navigate a hurricane season.

1. Create a hurricane season plan

As the hurricane season approaches, it is imperative to have a hurricane plan. The first step to planning for a hurricane is to ensure that you sign up for local alerts from the authorities and the media. You will receive timely alerts as the hurricane brews. 

Get public alerts through NOAA Radio, and you can also follow the news on your local TV stations. 

Once you have your weather alerts on the radar, you can create a communication plan for your family. Have a contacts list, a meeting point, and an evacuation plan. Also, remember your fur babies and pets. Create a pets’ evacuation plan which will ensure that your pets are safe before, during, and after. 

Create a secure and waterproof place for crucial documents like health records, birth certificates, financial, insurance, education, legal, and passport documents.

2. Proof your property against a hurricane

A hurricane season can be super messy, with debris all over the place. The best thing is to prepare your property to withstand a hurricane storm. Ensure that your house is exteriors is storm-ready by doing some landscaping and outdoor renovation works. 

Don’t wait until the hurricane storm is brewing to take your patio furniture inside or trim overhanging trees. Start eliminating any debris in your gutters and drainage. Also, ensure that your sewage system is in excellent condition before a hurricane hits. Move your vehicle away from any trees to avoid damage from falling branches. Secure and shelter anything too heavy to take inside.

Remember to proof your windows and doors against a hurricane by installing shutters. 

preparing for hurricane season

3. Build a safe room

Once you finish preparing and ensuring that the exterior is hurricane-ready, you can check and ensure that you have a safe room to protect yourself and your family when the disaster hits. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency, a safe room is a sturdy risk management room in your home that provides complete protection during a storm. Ensure that your safe room’s design meets the FEMA criteria to guarantee absolute protection against injuries during the hurricane season.

FEMA provides guides and resources for residential safe rooms and community as well.

When you have this particular shelter, you can be confident that you will be safe, including your pets.  

4. Stock enough emergency food and medicine supplies

One of the stressful things during hurricane season is not having enough food, water, and medical supplies. What’s worse? A hurricane storm can render roads non-passable, which means accessing basic supplies will be near impossible. 

Stock enough food and medical supplies in advance. Also, ensure that you store enough safe drinking water for emergencies. Keep enough emergency supplies in your car and ensure that your vehicle has enough gas all the time during a hurricane season. 

Additionally, remember to keep warm blankets and clothes in your car for an emergency. Be ready for evacuation alerts and heed the calls as soon as possible. 

5. Have a safe return plan after a hurricane

The hurricane storm will come and go and so having a safe return plan is indispensable. Wait until you have a clean bill to return to your area from the local authority. Also, do not enter affected buildings and structures until you get a clearance from the inspection team to access the building.

Start cleaning out the aftermath debris and work on ensuring that your home is safe to live again. 

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