6 Dumpster Rental Questions to Ask

Are you looking for a sizable container to roll all your junk in and haul? A roll-off dumpster is a cost-effective tool useful when cleaning up constriction sites, residential homes, or business premises. With a roll-off dumpster, you can load and dump residential or construction trash safely and with accuracy and speed. You book a container, and the rental brings it to your site, and you start filling it up with your debris. However, signing up for a dumpster involves a series of easy and short processes. And to get the right match, you must know the right questions to ask before renting a dumpster. When it comes to roll-off rentals, there is more than knowing about dumpster rental costs. Whether it is the dumpster sizes, rates, or the rental process, asking questions helps make a final decision. Below are six crucial dumpster rental questions you need to ask before renting a dumpster. 

1. How do I order your roll-off dumpster?

Roll-off rental companies have different policies and processes for renting a dumpster. Some offer a self-service online portal where you can create an account and request your dumpster online. Others require that you make a call, and support staff will help you place an order or walk into the rental premises and order your container. Ask your roll-off rental company how their process goes and how you can place an order. Knowing the rental process will help you pay and schedule your roll-off container seamlessly. At Pro Disposal, we make the rental booking process as painless as possible. We have our services online with full online support if you need a little help or have questions.

2. What roll-off dumpster sizes do you have?

The question about roll-off dumpster sizes is a must ask. You see, every dumpster rental offers unique dumpster sizes, and so you must request to know the available sizes. The standard measurement of roll-away containers is in cubic yards. We offer 15, 20, and 30 as our lead dumpster sizes but can also get a bigger or smaller roll-off to suit your needs. 

3. Do you offer flat-rate pricing?

A flat-rate roll-off price is the best pricing strategy as it zeals all the loopholes for extra charges unless otherwise stated in your rental contract. Ask your rental if they offer flat-rate pricing, which should cover all the services they render to you. Some companies may end up charging you more if they have a different pricing formula. It will be a scenario where surcharges start crawling out once you commit. A one-off flat-rate price covers the dumpster’s cost, delivery, pickup, rental timeframe, and debris disposal fees. If anything, choose a dumpster rental company with flat-rate pricing. The last thing you need is you getting nickeled and dimed out of your money with surprise fees. Extra charges may come up if you exceed the weight limit, overstay with your dumpster, or toss in prohibited items.

dumpster rental questions

4. Is your dumpster rental local?

Here is the thing; the distance between your job site and the roll-off rental is directly proportional to the cost to some extent. That means the nearer you are, the price of the rental services will be lower. Before you commit, you need to know if you are contracting a local dumpster rental or some national chains. A local dumpster company will exceed your expectation and deliver 100% because they focus on your local area. A national rental may have to pull the dumpster from a far distance, and you will have to pay a higher price. 

5. What cleanout projects do you handle?

Roll-off dumpsters can serve both residential, construction, and commercial projects. However, not all rentals cover all these services. Some focus on construction projects, while others take on residential cleanouts and construction jobs. Also, ask about the type of debris they accept, so you are on the same page. 

At Pro Disposal, we serve residential and construction cleanout projects. 

6. Do you offer a flexible rental schedule?

Roll-off rentals have timeframes, and they can be anything from daily, weekly and monthly. If you are looking for flexible schedules, it is crucial to ask. Pro Disposal offers flexible timeframes for any project size.  Contact us today.


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