Home Improvement Projects for Rental Properties

The Best Home Improvement Projects for Rental Properties

The secret to attracting and keeping tenants on your rental property is proper rental management. And that includes doing home improvement projects. Tenants prefer rentals with the best amenities, functional, and stylish features. One of the premier ways to keep your rental homes attractive to potential tenants is routine home updates. Renovating your rental property will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, boost house efficiency, increase client satisfaction, earn you a tax write-off, and boost the value of your rental. While it is crucial to offer your renter a blank space to fill, a rental property that is a complete bare-bone can turn away clients. Don’t fret because there are home improvement projects you can add and say goodbye to vacant properties. From simple DIY fixtures to extensive renovation projects, below are the best home improvement projects for rental properties to transform your rental’s curb appeal and functionality.


Your property’s landscape is one of the first things people notice when they come looking for a house to rent. If your landscapes scream pests and a non-livable place, then you will lose a customer right there and then. Worse still is if you don’t have a clean landscape. Do regular landscaping projects like mowing the grass, trimming your plants, fertilizing, watering, raking, and keeping up with the bushes. Also, you can remodel the pavement and ensure that it is clean all the time. If you don’t have a landscape, you can create an inexpensive one that is easy to maintain. Boosting the curb appeal is paramount, so don’t overlook it, even if it means installing planters or painting the exterior of your apartment buildings.

Kitchen renovation

The majority of home activities like preparing food, eating, drinking, catching up with family and friends, and household jobs occur in the kitchen. So this is one of the things that tenants focus on when renting a home. Spruce up your kitchen with a fine touch of backsplash, install efficient hardware, get new efficient appliances, and remodel the countertops and cabinets. A kitchen with cohesive finishes is more appealing than a bland kitchen.

Bathroom renovation

Doing a simple bathroom remodel job like replacing the hardware, re-caulking, or replacing the bathroom doors can make a big difference. Fix the bathrooms on your rental properties by creating more bathroom space, replacing the tub, adding mirrors, and new hardware. You can also replace the bathroom floor with easy-to-maintain flooring. The bathroom is always a significant decisive factor for many tenants.

home improvement projects for rental properties

Add outdoor living spaces.

Adding outdoor living space is another essential home improvement project for rental properties. Provide your tenants with a nice outdoor space to spend time during the warm weather seasons. Add a fully-fledged patio or balcony complete with quality outdoor furniture. Whether a front porch, patio, or balcony, outdoor living space can be one of your most vital selling points.  

Replace the windows and doors

Windows and doors are vital for both the home’s security and its exterior look. These house features wear out quickly since it is the entry point to a house, and moving items in and out of the rental property always escalates the damage. Remodel the doors and windows by replacing them with energy-efficient ones. Ensure that the windows are easy to open and close. You can also install more expansive windows to allow more natural light. Finish up the windows with fresh paint to boost the exterior look of your property. 

Install new flooring

A beautiful floor with quality finishes is just as important as any feature in your rental. Various flooring options can fit your rental properties depending on your needs. You can install hardwood flooring because it is durable, easy-to-clean, and does not react to moisture. Another inexpensive flooring option is vinyl. Remodel your rental floors considering the cost, durability, and functionality.


There you have the best home improvement projects for rental properties. These will make your rental elegant, stylish, and functional for your tenants. Are you ready to remodel your rental houses? We will help you discard the debris with an affordable and reliable dumpster rental. Contact Pro Disposal now!


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