5 Tips for Better Recycling

Knowing the basics of recycling is one of the best ways to prevent useful waste from ending up in the landfill. And help you stop wish recycling and recycle better. Recycling refers to collecting, processing, and repurposing of used recyclable products into new products for consumers. However, this repurposing process may not be as easy as it sounds. The good news is that you can impact and contribute to a greener planet with good habits. Below are five crucial tips to help you be a better recycler. 

  • Know the waste products that go into the blue cart.

According to EPA, not knowing various recyclables is the biggest huddle facing recycling in the country today. Understanding different recyclable products are one of the ways to improve recycling. Do you know what goes into the blue trash bin and how to keep the recyclables in good condition? You will be doing it all wrong if you toss in the recyclables cart items and wish that whatever you tossed in gets recycled. For example, black plastic is hard and expensive to recycle since it may contaminate other recyclables during processing. 

You can place aluminum/steel cans, paper products, glass jars and bottles, cartons, and plastics. Some products may have the renowned recycling mark, but that does not mean you can throw them into your blue cart. Educate yourself more about recycling to avoid the confusion with disposing of trash in the curbside bin.

  • Empty and clean food residue and grease in your recyclables.

Just because you are throwing away trash into the recyclables bin doesn’t mean that you should leave food residue and grease. The dirt in recyclable materials are culprits that render your acceptable recyclables useless. If you leave greasy items in the bin, it will clog the conveyor belt and put the staff at the sorting facility at risk of accidents. 

Take a few minutes to clean your recyclable trash to remove any food particles and grease. You can also pat dry before you toss them into the bin. Additionally, ensure that you don’t place plastic wrappers and bags in the cart. It is okay to bag your recyclables in plastic bags but remove them before putting them in the bin. 

Recycling tips

  • Place a recycling bin next to your garbage cart.

Before you think about the curbside bin, ensure that you have a close by container that you can use to keep your recyclable material. Place your recycling bin next to your other trash containers at the curbside. To get a dumpster for recyclables, you can check with your local recycling and transfer facility. At Pro Disposal, we provide recycling and transfer station services, and together we can help achieve zero waste. 

  • Use the rule of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The rule of reducing and reusing products should always come first before you consider the recycling option. Reducing garbage from the source and reusing products you have is as effective as recycling. Before you run to the local store to replace a broken item, try to fix it first and use it for some time. Instead of buying plastic packing bags every time you go to the store, try to substitute it with reusable bags. You will reduce the garbage you create at the source. Another way to reduce trash from the start is to reject junk mails, plastic packaging, and any other use-and-dispose product. There are thousands of creative products to reuse and upcycle products. Find a way to extend the life of an item before thinking about throwing it away. You can use some products are storage jars and organization containers. Or use them to make art and decorations for your home. Whichever way you do, always ensure that you recycle as your last resort if you can’t reuse.

  • Create guidelines.

Having your family members or colleagues reduce the carbon footprint is the best thing to do. Create a list of recycling guidelines so that your family members can always refer to what can or can’t go into the recycling bin. 

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