Dumpster Rental Pricing Breakdown

Before you rent a dumpster it’s helpful to know all of the factors that determine your pricing, and everything that you can be charged for during the process. The last thing our team here at Pro Disposal wants to do is hit you with any charges that you were not expecting. Here are the main components that determine the price of a dumpster rental:

Base Price: This is the starting price for any given container size, independent of any of the additional variables that can affect your price. This price will be inclusive of a certain amount of days, as well as tonnage.

Tonnage Included: Each size that we offer includes a certain amount of tons. If your weight goes over the included tonnage you will be charged an overweight fee

Days Included: We include a standard rental period with the base price of our dumpsters. Should you need to keep the dumpster longer than the included days, you will need to contact us to let us know and you will be charged a “per day” fee in addition to the base price of your dumpster.

Delivery: Your location’s proximity to local dumping sites can affect how much it costs us to get the dumpster to you and dispose of the material. For this reason, the same 10-yard dumpster rental service varies in pricing depending on where the dumpster needs to be dropped off.

Dry Run: If we attempt to deliver the dumpster and, through no fault of our own, are unable to access your location to drop the dumpster, you will be charged a fee for the wasted trip. For this reason, it is very important to make sure that your desired drop location has plenty of vertical clearance for our trucks, and room for the dumpster to be dropped.


Dumpster Price Calculation

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